What is Reiki and how can it help you?

Reiki is a Japanese word for Universal (Rei) Life Energy (ki). It is an energy healing technique that has the ability to heal your mind, body and soul. The healer becomes attuned to each Reiki symbol so that they become a channel for this energy. Reiki is distributed through the healer’s hands and directed to specific areas of the body that needs healing. This can mean a full body treatment, a chakra balancing, or directing the energy to a specific ailment of the body. People, animals and plants can all benefit from receiving Reiki treatment. The aim of Reiki is to restore balance, alleviate or remove pain, create a state of relaxation, remove stress and to aid the healing process of any kind. Reiki can be done in person or remotely, the result is the same. People who suffer from depression and anxiety can benefit from Reiki because it works on an emotional level as well.

In our fast paced modern world, it is easy for us to feel out of balance, stressed out, anxious and depressed. Reiki works on all levels of the body: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, so that we can regain a sense of balance and harmony within ourselves. Reiki promotes a deeper sleep, relaxation, an overall sense of well being, and pain reduction. It also helps in the healing process of any ailment, speeding up the healing process and reducing or removing pain. Symptoms of anxiety and depression can also be reduced with Reiki. Because Reiki is moving energy in your body, sometimes physical symptoms can arise in order for it to be released. These symptoms do not last for long as your body is detoxifying and releasing them.

We all have energy centres in our bodies known as chakras, and over time they can become out of balance for a number of reasons. Reiki energy has the ability to balance your chakras and bring them back into harmony. The more balanced your chakras are, the better your mind, body and soul function together. 

Animals can also benefit from Reiki. It can help ease or remove their pain, aid in the healing process from anything they are going through, or simply make them feel more relaxed.