How Distance Reiki Healing Sessions Work

One of the great things about Reiki is that I don’t have to be physically with you or your pet in order to give the Reiki treatments. The results are the same. I am only doing distance treatments.

First you tell me which treatment you would like to receive: 1) Full body treatment with chakra balancing, 2) full body treatment, 3) chakra balancing or 4) simply a physical symptom you or your pet would like to heal from. To view the desciption of these services and their prices, click here. I will need your full name and date of birth, or a photo of you or your pet, to connect the energy to you over a distance.

Then we schedule a time for the session to take place. Before the session starts there is a 15 minute video call on Instagram to check in to chat and discuss details. Then, make yourself comfortable on a chair or lying down and message me that you are ready to begin the treatment, and I will send one back to let you know it has started. When the session is complete I will make another video call to you to discuss how you felt and any feedback you would like to offer, or you can choose to not have this call. Make sure you have water near you during the session.

In order to book a session with me, please e-mail me at: or Direct Message me on Instagram at: all.things.magical.reiki. Please note that full payments are required before the session can begin. Payments can be made through e-transfer or PayPal.