Client Reviews

Here is some customer feedback:

Reiki Healing Sessions

“I received a one hour full body distance treatment from Michael. Before the treatment we had a live chat and I shared what was going on in my life and that I would love to have clarity, because a lot was changing. After ending the chat, I laid down on my bed and he texted me when he started the treatment. I closed my eyes and received and observed.

When the energy started coming in, it felt like a soft blanket coming over my whole body. It quickly got more intense. I always felt the energy in my whole body. It started working its way through different muscle areas that were tense. Step by step they relaxed more and more throughout the treatment. I got really warm. The energy built up more and more. At some point I could feel the energy in my solarplexus and it released tension and I breathed out deeply. Towards the end of the session the energy got less intense again.

While this was happening in my body, I also received visions. The Angels were showing me a whole story of what was going on in my life and what was going to happen in the coming months. That was a profound revelation that landed in my body energetically and created a huge release of old emotions and I cried. After the session my whole body felt warm and buzzing with energy. The energy kept working throughout the night and the revelation I received brought deep relief, a massive release of stress and a knowing about what’s going to happen that informs my actions and changes how I go through my days.

After the session we had another live chat and I shared what I had experienced while Michael shared his experience.

For me, it was a very powerful healing on all levels, physically, emotionally, spiritually. I highly recommend working with Michael.”

“I had a reiki session with Michael 1hr distant session. He was very professional in his approach and asked me questions before the session. I found that his healing session allowed me to release trauma that happened years before bringing me to tears. This session really helped me release stored trauma in my body. I would highly recommend his reiki sessions!”

Tarot/Oracle Card Readings

“Thank you very much, yes it’s definitely a good reading and meets my feelings too about both questions.